Global Goals: Sign up, take action, tell everyone

When I first heard of the UN Global Goals I was amazed by the challenge of having the world commit to three things: End extreme poverty, Fight inequality & injustice and Fix climate change. Whilst completely aspirational, they are also achievable if we listen to the mantra of sign up, take action, tell everyone.

I agonised over which of the 17 goals I would take up as they are all so critical. I also knew that focusing my energy and attention on what mattered most to me would have greater impact than trying to do everything. I finally settled on Global Goal 4: Quality Education and Global Goal 5: Gender Equality.

It was encouraging to think of the ways I’m already seeking to promote some of the targets, such as by running sessions like ‘Build and Maintain a Diverse Board’ where I actively facilitate the creation of diversity in any type of board – corporate, not for profit, school and government.

Also, as Chair of the Board at the WA Deaf Society, we are looking at ways to enable improved and meaningful access to education and vocation opportunities for the Deaf community.

Having said that, I’m definitely not the most active person in promoting diversity and Deaf rights. There are fantastic people doing exceptional work, such as our Young Australian of the Year, Drisana Levitzke-Gray.

So I reflected on other impactful ways that I could help achieve the Global Goals. Inspired by both Daniel Raihani and Project Everyone, I wanted to gauge the level of awareness in the general community about the Global Goals following the ambitious target of telling 7 billion people in 7 days. I spent the day randomly asking people whether they had heard of them and was utterly shocked when of the 50 people I asked, only 2 said they knew of them!

That’s what triggered this blog; to raise awareness of these globally significant areas of focus. I urge others to choose one or two goals that are most meaningful to them and see what else they can contribute.

This is just one way (today) for me to sign up, take action, tell everyone. Please like or share this blog, or create your own, and help promote the Global Goals.

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