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Annette Perrin recently presented at three key conferences:

1. National Disability Services ‘Thriving in a Changing Landscape Conference’ on business readiness and planning

Executive Summary – Organisations that are actively preparing themselves to operate in the NDIS environment are set to thrive. Our presentation showcased ways other organisations have adapted to policy changes that drive increased transparency, accountability and competition, including referencing similarities of economic regulation in order to transfer lessons learned.

2. WA Mental Health Conference on service innovation

Executive Summary – External stimuli often trigger innovation in service delivery. The NDIS is a great example of how a change in the policy environment is requiring all disability service providers to reflect on the ways they deliver services, the costs they charge and the efficiency with which they provide their services. A number of learnings on how service providers can innovate effectively were highlighted based on experiences of utility service providers.

3. Australian Institute of Project Management on an innovative approach to project governance. The paper was titled “Initiating Employee Focused and Inclusive Governance” and appears below.

Executive Summary – The debate about effective governance models has been increasing in recent years. Many of the leadership teams established to govern Australian projects, programs of work or services have been modelled off the Corporate Board approach to governance. Whilst this approach has enjoyed a reasonable level of success to date, the desire to explore alternate models has been limited, with a keen preference to maintain the ‘tried and tested’ approach.
An alternative governance model that could be considered for application in Australian projects is one that is modelled off German and Japanese Boards, taking a much more employee focused and inclusive approach to governance. This shift in focus and representation at a governance team level could instigate a shift to next level performance that is so desperately needed in the current economic climate. There are real opportunities to enjoy benefits of such a fresh approach, as are the real risks associated with a change. However, in order to propel performance to a new level, leaders will need to be willing to accept the possibility of risk in the search for significant opportunity and reward.

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