Governance Guidance

A term that is widely used but often misunderstood is governance.

It is critical that governance structures are established intentionally to achieve the desired outcomes; namely to lead and provide stewardship of an organisation to enable it to realise its purpose. Increasingly, governing bodies and boards are struggling to comprehend the entirety of their roles as one group, rather than as a collection of individuals.

There are often many additional opportunities for governance teams to add value that are not being adequately capitalised on. Our highly experienced consultantsĀ are board Chairs and Directors andĀ have also worked with numerous boards in a variety of capacities, ranging from internal support and management of governing bodies through to external advisory and coaching to project boards. Our innovative approach to shaping the operation of boards will guarantee that your governance framework will be robust, appropriate and will add additional value to those they are serving.

Named as an ASX Diversity Consultant, we also provide support in achieving greater diversity on your board across age, gender, ethnicity, experience and geography. Check out our targeted workshops for building and maintaining a balanced board

We also offer governance packages to clients, including useful tools to help lift performance for the board and the organisation more generally.